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I was invited to what I thought was a sociable meeting at a café in Bergen, summer of 2016. After we were seated, the one who initiated the meeting started talking about Lyoness.

I had never heard about it before, and it all sounded very uninteresting and typically pyramid-game, which is illegal in Norway anyway. The Lyoness-guy seemed naive and limited, the type who always goes for the easy solution, no matter how shady. In this case he had initiated a meeting under false pretenses ("a social gathering") to get in touch with possible agents for Lyoness. He had the nerve to say that if a person should "be of interest to him as an agent", he wanted from them a list of people to serve as possible under-agents - as if we were there for a job interview!

I have the job that I want and had not met up for this kind of nonsense.

This Lyoness-agent cheated us of our time and was only out for our money, trying to manipulate us into undertaking financial investments in a business that has since then been doomed illegal in Norway. I got up and left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lyoness Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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If you have Booked Units in your Personal Accounting Programs, get a Lyconet Marketer to explain to you how you can get your AC1 to AC 5 Units to mature and get paid. Best of luck! You will very quickly realise that you have been SCAMMED.


If you live in Australia please submit your complaint to the ACCC. If enough complaints are received they will look at the case again.

Make sure you write in a factual way and focus on the units and ponzi scheme,,,, the shopping will get them off the hook.... Lyoness are also trading as Cashback World...

be aware.


Lyoness is a scam and many of the promoter know that the owner is a criminal, stealing money from businesses and consumers, the Norwegian Gaming Authority has banned Lyoness in Norway yet the pure arrogance of Hubert Freidl ignores the ban and continues to continue to push the scam illegally.There is only one place for Freidl and that is in PRISON!Don't get suckered into giving Lyoness any money!!


Yep.The BIGGEST SCAM the world has seen!Legally proven global PYRAMID Scheme!Don’t get caught out by a Lyconet Marketer who is looking for your money.

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