I am a gold member of lyoness. Lyoness is a true scam. I can responsibly tell you this. STAY AWAY FROM LYONESS. Do not ever buy gold membership. I am going to tell you why.

First of all, I just spoke with their representative on the phone. They officially confirmed to me that all the discounts that you get in a form of cash back to your account are only redeemable towards purchases through Lyoness. You will never get any real money from them. I called to find out how to withdraw the accumulations in my cash account. They said - only by purchasing vouchers. Period. This means the stories of people making large amounts of money monthly are simple lies. Anyone who states otherwise is either a dreamer or is paid by Lyoness to say so.

Secondly, if you've seen the Lyoness videos, you've noticed that there is a complicated system of units that is very hard to grasp. Why do you think these units were created? Why not just stick with good old numbers - you spend this much, you get this much in cash, this much in bonus, this much in affiliated bonus, whatever else they may offer, everything can be expressed in dollars. No! Lyoness created units for you not to think of numbers. Why? Because if you start thinking numbers, you'll be running away from Lyoness as fast as you can.

Let's translate units into dollars.

When you, being a Lyoness member, make a purchase from a Lyoness merchant, you receive a small discount (0.5% for buying from Coles Express, for example), and a larger loyalty bonus. Of course, knowing that Lyoness charges up to 10% from the merchants, no one would go for 0.5%, so they created a loyalty bonus system. tOn top of 0.5% cash (just discovered that this cash is only redeemable towards purchases from Lyoness merchants), you receive 2-3-5% of loyalty bonus that eventually forms your UNITS. Every time you loyalty bonus accumulates to $75, you get one unit of Accounting Category I (ACI). How much do you have to spend to get an ACI? If you only buy expensive things from merchants Lyoness scammed for a higher discount, you might be able to get a unit by spending $1,500.00. But if you do what Lyoness advertises – “spend money on your everyday needs, just like you always do”, the realistic number will be closer to $2,500.00 You don’t get anything by forming a unit. The first bonus of $675 Lyoness pays you is when that unit “matures”. In order to mature one unit of the Accounting Category I (ACI) and receive $675, your entire lifeline (you, people you subscribed, people they subscribed) has to make purchases for $183,750.00, provided that the your lifeline only loses 5% of the units because of the imbalances. Yes, remember that in order to mature a unit, you have to deliver 70 units under it. 35 above the centreline and 35 below. So, if you have 335 units above the line and only 34 below, your initial unit will not mature until you get one more unit below the centreline. Smart, isn’t it.

Let’s take this number for further calculations. Since you are not allowed to market Lyoness to people you don’t know, and you are only limited to your friends and acquaintances, you can organise them yourself to make large purchases collectively and realise much higher discounts without being a Lyoness member. A 10% discount on total purchases of $183,750.00, which is relatively easy to negotiate these days, is $18,375.00, not $675 generously promised to you by Lyoness.

To mature a unit of the Accounting Category II (ACII), you have to accumulate 60 units of the ACI, so multiply $183,750.00 by 60. You underline will have to spend a total of $11,025,000, to mature one ACII. All for you to receive the most generous bonus of $1,275.00 from Lyoness. When is that going to happen?

To mature an ACIII and proudly receive $2,400.00 from Lyoness. Remember, this is not real money. Only spendable within Lyoness merchant network. So, to mature an ACIII, you lifeline will have to accumulate 50 ACIIs, meaning to spend $11,025,000.00 multiplied by 50 for a total of $551,250,000.00.

To mature an ACIV, your lifeline has to accumulate 25 ACIIIs, so multiply $551,250,000.00 by 25. You lifeline will have to spend $13,781,250,000.00, and you will receive $7,200.00 from Lyoness.

Finally, to mature an ACV and receive $24,000.00 from Lyoness... Wasn't that you goal? Are you ready?... Completely ready? Sitting down, listening to the drum beat, waiting for the number?.........

To mature one ACV, your lifeline will have to accumulate 25 ACIVs, meaning they will have to spend $13,781,250.000.00 multiplied by 25 for a total of $344,531,250,000. Three Hundred Forty Four BILLION, Five Hundred and Thirty One Million, Two Hundred and Fifty thousand dollars spent by your lifeline to receive a generous bonus of $24,000. So, when do you think all your relatives and friends that are *** enough to subscribe for Lyoness membership will spend that much money if they start today?

This is 0.00000007% of a discount. Imagine yourself walking to a local retailer and asking for a 0.00000007% discount on your purchase. (Especially if the purchase is for one third of a trillion dollars) There is no way for you to get that discount without Lyoness, of course.

As internet marketers say, BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE!

So, if Lyoness negotiates a discount of 10% with the merchants, and you only get 0.00000007%, where does the difference go? Oh, yes, you get a regular discount of about 2% that is given to you in a form of cashback and is, by the way, taxable. We are still missing about 8%. Let’s not count 0.00000007% anymore. You’ve got to be Lyoness to call it money. So, on a $344 billion dollar purchase, Lyoness pockets about 8%, which is somewhere in the vicinity of $30 billion dollars. Not that it’s going to happen. All I’m trying to illustrate is that Lyoness gets you to run around subscribing people for 0,00000007% savings (not real money) and they get 8%. Isn’t it a little bit too fat? And if you have so much free time, wouldn’t you be better off just visiting your local stationary wholesaler, buying $10,000 worth of stationary from him at a 20% discount and selling it to the same relatives and friends? You’d make a solid $2000 profit over a school season, and your relatives and friends wouldn’t call you a scammer.

Another thing Lyoness doesn't tell you is that to use their system, you, all the people you refer and all the people they refer will have to permanently change their shopping habits. Have you seen many people happily changing their good lifelong habits over a 2% discount? Well, these are the people you will have to find and subscribe to earn your pennies from Lyoness. Now, if you want to make a little more pennies from Lyoness, these people will have not only change their shopping habits, they will have to be actively running around finding others alike and subscribing them to Lyoness. What a job! What a pay!

Do you buy from Woolworth? Well, forget it. With Lyoness you only earn your bonuses if you purchase from Coles. You probably know, that in most cases you have to purchase vouchers and gift cards of the merchants you want to use before you can get any benefit from Lyoness. That means, you buy a $300 gift card from Coles, wait for a week or two for it to arrive in the mail, and then, every time you walk by your favourite produce shop that's not a part of Lyoness, you have a dilemma. You can go and buy low priced quality produce from your favourite shop or you can buy Coles *** for about 50% more, but you'll get a 2.5% discount. And you will go and buy from Coles because you've already spent this money. That's right. You've already bought the gift card. Whether you use it or not, it is your problem now. Lyoness has already made their money and Coles too.

One of the few freedoms we have left in the modern society is the freedom to buy what you want and to spend your hard earned money the way you want. You don’t vote for the Prime Minister of this country. You don’t vote on carbon tax, bank deposit levy or cigarette tax. You don’t have those freedoms. Yet you still have a freedom to vote for your favourite shop by going there and spending your money. Lyoness takes this freedom away from you. From the moment you join Lyoness, you'll be buying from merchants that pay Lyoness to be in the system. You will have one freedom less. Form many people this is their last freedom.

This all means that you will be running with your tongue on your shoulder subscribing other people (paying $1.5 for each subscription from your pocket, by the way), convincing your friends and relatives to join Lyoness in a hope to get some retirement passive income for yourself, and at the end your entire lifeline, including yourself, will realise that the system is a pure scam. It takes your freedom away; it pays pennies for major inconveniences; and a little bit more pennies for hard work of selling memberships.

Stay away from Lyoness. Spread the world about this scam.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

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Hi there, How can I claim my money back? I agree with you, it's an absolute scam.

my email is armariodaju@***.com, any help is welcomes. Thank you!

@Janelle Rsf

I got my money back in April 2019 through the services of BE Conflict Management Inc, under the Austrian Court verdicts against Lyoness in favour of all member victims across the world. It you contact Craig Wotton, he will discuss your options, assist you complete and lodge your claim: craigwotton1@***.com See what the BECM Inc clients say: https://youtu.be/FnVkThqbwKA




not true


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total *** and trying to scam people


Thousands of Australian Lyoness members are lodging claims to get their money back out of the fraudulent Lyoness / Cashback World SCAM operated by known fraudsters Jef Rowlison and criminal Chris Thomson from the U.K. These two criminals ought to be in jail along with their fraudster founder of the scheme Hubert Freidl.


Why are these crooks still in business?

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