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In a pathetic attempt to hide the truth, Lyoness has now changed their name to 'Cashback World".We are talking about a global company, why waste money with a whole new branding image?

Think about it, new name, new company structure... with millions of dollars invested in units.. which was placed with 'Lyoness' now what happens to accountability for our unit money? Technically they can start with a new bank account and slowly wind Lyoness down and keep the money.

This company whatever they want to trade as, will go down in history as the biggest hoax. Some may get a bit of money back but most won't... especially in your personal unit account... ACCC you let the Australian people down by not getting your case right.

You should have focused on the units not the shopping.Don't trust 'lyoness' or 'cashback world', a name change doesn't make them ledgite!

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LYCONET MARKETER personal litigations.Is there any truth that litigations have commenced in EU country’s against individual Lyconet Marketers who are independent of Lyoness/ Cashback World, for the recovery of lost investments and continue to promote a legally proven PYRAMID Scheme??Are you a LYCONET MARKETER waiting to be sued personally??


It had to happen.Where there is smoke there is FIRE

Lyoness judged a PYRAMID Scheme in Norway


In its homeland Austria, Lyoness has been declared a pyramid scheme by four independent civil courts!!

It is suspected to be a pyramid scheme in several of the countries it operates in.

Is your country one of these under scrutiny? Switzerland has already identified Lyoness as an illegal SNOWBALL System.

BE CAREFUL - Lyconet Marketers!!Are you a PYRAMID Scheme peddler waiting to be sued personally?

Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #1351314

i think you do not know what you are talking about.but you are for sure part of the 98% of sheep that will always complain.

to Anonymous #1356312

Your opinion only, people are pissed of at the lies and scams from Lyoness.Everyone has had valid experiences with Lyoness either good or bad.

More bad than good and most people that claim Lyoness is good don't make a reasonable living. It's a very real thing to lose money and then get told it will be fine in time... please...

but hey you keep buying units live in your bubble but don't get angry with people that are not happy about losing their money for a fake company...do your research:


to Anonymous Wadalba, New South Wales, Australia #1356357

Lol - what gives you the right to say that about someone's experience. Show all the money you make or stay in the 2% of suckers feeding of the *** from Lyoness. Prove us wrong show us how much money you make from Lyoness or keep your mouth shut about others negative experiences from Lyoness

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