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In a massive world rebranding attempt, Lyoness changed its name to Cashback Word due to the online negative reviews. Does this change that Lyoness is a scam? no of course not. It's just a greedy corporation trying to hide thinking people are stupid not to notice.

This doesn't change what Lyoness has done, in fact it makes it worse as this shows they are trying to cover their greed.

If you live in Australia it's time to make the time to tell your story to the ACCC. It's time for people world wide to complain to their authorities and actively get Cashback World banned from your country.

Here is the direct link for Australians


If you live in another country please post the direct link to your official government regulator. They share this post and get it out on social media so we have one list of all the government consumer protection agencies to help people lodge a complaint...

Together we are stronger than Cashback World AKA Lyoness

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $350000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being ripped off, Sales pitch, No way out, Changes the subject, Units.

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Cashback world is a weak attempt to hide the pyramid Ponzi scam of Hubert Freidl. The Australian Ponzi scam is operated by known fraud and crook Jef Rowlison.


Lyoness is an outraged pyramid scheme According to the final ruling of the Commercial Court of Vienna, Lyoness' business model is a banal SNOWBALL SYSTEM. Lodge your claim for a refund at: https://www.fromhold.net/lyoness


Have you lost money in Lyoness? A firm of lawyers in Germany are starting a class action suit against them and have 1000 people signed up already. https://www.fromhold.net/lyoness More information at: https://www.facebook.com/771145199758660/posts/873450729528106/


LYONESS/ myWORLD PYRAMID Scheme absolutely torn apart in front of investors. Take a look at this recent (short) video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/-8I4mNnht1E


Lyoness launches its latest global MLM PONZI Scheme into Cryptocurrency. Official Lyconet marketing material suggests Lyoness intends to generate eCredits and integrate them into the company’s e-commerce platform.

Lyoness is marketing eCredit investment on a 10,000% ROI within four years through its Lyconet MLM Marketers so be CAREFUL!

They want your money at any cost! https://behindmlm.com/companies/lyoness/lyoness-to-launch-ecredits-cryptocurrency/


ITALY Voucher PONZI suspended after large number of member complaints to regulators (AGCM) https://behindmlm.com/companies/lyoness/lyoness-suspends-voucher-ponzi-scheme-in-italy/


The company has now changed its name to “World Cashback” it changed overnight in Australia. Must be some serious stuff going on for a company to keep changing their name.... expensive to rebrand


Lyoness/ Cashback World Australian MD Jef Rowlison I’m told has his Merchant Marketers recruiting unsuspecting SME business owners across the country offering them FREE memberships, so he can achieve his KPI’s to save his job. LOL Existing Lyoness merchants I’m told are really ‘pissed off’ having paid $3,500 for the privilege. Most have yet to see one Shopping Member.

to Anonymous #1570709

There are claims going on all over the world now that Lyoness has been ruled illegal in Norway and their own country Austria.

to Anonymous #1570952

Jef won’t have a long term career with Lyoness. He will be fired when he doesn’t meet his KPI’s.

That will happen as businesses won’t pay the fee to join Lyoness.

The should have made it free to join years ago. Too late now!

to Anonymous #1571258

Chris Retford has scammed many people into buying investing into the Ponzi scheme. Jef is completely aware of this paractice and supports the 15k down payment people have been investing in. I can’t believe the ACCC isn’t investigating this.




There’s no better feeling than screwing over a friend or family member with a Lyconet Marketer Membership and get them to invest in a Cashback World (owned by Lyoness) ‘Enterprise’ or ‘Cloud’ Program knowing it’s a proven SCAM.


They are now heading for Sweden, big meeting in Scandic Intercontinental next weekend.

to anonymus #1566471

Worship Ponzi scheme event!! I wonder if Ponzi Scheme Kimg ERIC Worre will be teaching the field how to do what he hasn’t done again!


If you have Booked Units in your Personal Accounting Programs, get a Lyconet Marketer to explain to you how you can get your AC1 to AC 5 Units to mature and get paid. Best of luck! You will very quickly realise that you have been SCAMMED.

to Anonymous #1559865

My Lyconet Marketer sponsor is no longer active and doesn’t want to know me. Sydney office staff and MD Jef Rowlison just keep dismissing me and won’t answer my questions. I think I have been SCAMMED.

to David #1561732

You won't get any customer service from Rowlison!

to David #1565325

Rowlison is a fake, he has never had a business. He has hung around MLM businesses that have failed.

I would say a natural choice for Lyoness to hire him.

His just like doggie Hubert. No decent MD would want to be associated with Lyoness ...

to Kate #1569651

Freidl uses credible people to start the scheme in international markets then fails to deliver on his promises, former managing directors are taking action against Freidl making him repay down payments to defrauded members.

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