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I was encouraged into investing a large sum of money into a number of Lyoness/ Cashback World’s Voucher Programs with a high ROI, by a Lyconet MLM Marketer friend.

How stupid was I.

I now find out they are already a legally proven Pyramid/ Ponzi Scheme and BANNED in Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Austria and other EU countries, now under investigation by the regulators in Italy and Germany.

Don’t be fooled by their ‘misleading and deceptive’ marketing and their scamming Lyconet MLM Marketers, who get paid high commissions.

Hiding behind what appears to be a legitimate Cashback Shopping program is a global legally proven ‘accounting matrix’ voucher investment Pyramid/ Ponzi Scheme.

Make sure you do your own ‘due diligence’.

Lyoness/ Cashback World suspends Voucher PONZI Scheme in ITALY after large number of member complaints to regulators (AGCM)

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Lyoness is a scam operated by the worst Pyramid / Ponzi frauds in the network marketing industry, Freidl has a proven track record of fraud, stealing money from businesses and consumers all over the world, how much longer will it be before we see these criminals behind bars where they belong!


This company is a disgrace, the owners use and abuse both companies and consumers to operate a down payment fraudulent pyramid scheme! We sincerely hope that the Italian Government successful prosecute Lyoness.


HAVE YOU LOST MONEY IN LYONESS? A firm of lawyers in Germany are starting a class action suit against them and have 1000 people signed up already. (Open in Chrome to translate to English) More information at:


Lyoness launches its latest global MLM PONZI Scheme into Cryptocurrency. Official Lyconet marketing material suggests Lyoness intends to generate eCredits and integrate them into the company’s e-commerce platform.

Lyoness is marketing eCredit investment on a 10,000% ROI within four years through its Lyconet MLM Marketers so be CAREFUL!

They want your money at any cost!

to Anonymous #1604126

Not Lyconet member, just interested 3rd party: Don't post bad info, I'm not sure why the behindmlm has not updated their post, but there is no promise but a hope of having the increase of currency value from 1€ to 10€ in the period of 4 to 8 years. The 10,000% came from the slide that shows the 'potential' of a cryptocurrency using an example of bitcoin. Just to make sure I'm not making things up I found and listened to several different Lyconet members presentations about this and in all of them they talked about 10x increase being a long-term goal.


please do not talk nonsense. not true.

no one has lost any money and investment. It's all just to spoil the company's image. In Italy it is just a regulation in the system and it will be available to buy discount coupons in December. Do not be fooled by the people who talk nonsense.

Do not spread lies and wait for the company to do its job to be legal and good. such cases happen with many companies and in many countries. This is neither the first nor the last.

Let's not forget the case won in Australia that is won by Cashback World. If this is a problem, talk to your sponsor capable of responding.

to cristian #1585927

Wake up sunshine! Do your own ‘due diligence’ and you will realise you’ve been brainwashed by the best. How do you feel scamming a friend or family member to get paid, as a Lyconet MLM Marketer?

to Susan #1592763

i give my mom a cashback card she got 15€ in 1 month by buying stuff she will buy anyway (btw the cashback card is free)

to cristian #1585928

DEFINITION OF STUPID - Knowing the Truth. - Seeing the Truth.

- But still believing the LIES!! - Are you a Lyconet Marketer??


There have been so many so called investments. Then the rules change and your expected to cop it and invest in the next new investment.

Dealing with a company that keeps changing its name is a worry, that alone should ring alarm bells.

Stop putting money into Lyoness... we are not going to get a return on it


I was conned into investing 15k by a Lyconet markerter that purchased another persons Lyoness account. I made a stupid mistake, what a waste of money.

Why is the ACCC not investigating Lyoness? Or whatever new company they are trading in.


I also have been caught up in this now global Pyramid/ Ponzi although the regulators and court system failed all members in Australia in 2015. I was stupid and didn’t do my full ‘due dilgence’ and now have lost over $30,000.

Don’t make the same mistake. They need to be stopped.

to Diane #1580242

Have you lodged your complaint with the ACCC? Apparently there have been a large number of fresh member complaints: Lodge it at this link:

to Diane #1580372

Is a bad company, each event they do they try to invest for you another way to take your money, now is on the cloud 2, they are going to clean up all your bank account only through the power of world, there is nothing written, nothing sure, only lies which will bring you to loose time in your life!! Be careful!

to Rb #1592764

its all written..

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