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I've spent many weeks investigating Cashback World and this is what I've found:

Cashback World have numerous logos on their site for National Retailers such as :

John Lewis, M&S, Boots, B&Q, TESCO, NIKE etc and claim that they're

CBW merchants - they even give them there own numbers - but I've personally contacted all of them and (apart from ARGOS) not one of these big stores has ever heard of cashback world.

CBW are deliberately claiming the big stores are members for the sole purpose of recruiting the SME's, who pay vast sums of money to join.

This is how I believe they pay cashback, taken from my blog post at Taratalks:

'Getting information from the people who promote the Cashback World Loyalty Card is a time consuming business. Nobody seems able to explain how it works, it just does.

I've been told that Cashback World pays cashback every Tuesday, regular as clockwork, with no problems. And I believe that.

So how does Cashback World work?

Shopping vouchers (such as 'Love2shop') and Retailer Gift Cards are big business. Lots of companies use shopping vouchers/giftcards as rewards and incentives for their employees and/or customers.

And if companies buy these giftcards in bulk, they get a discount.

This discount is paid for by the retailers who participate in the Love2Shop scheme.

Retailers such as Tesco's, M&S, Boots etc pay Love2Shop a fee, and in return Love2Shop displays their logos in it's advertising for stores that accept it's vouchers as payment.

So this system is a winner for everyone:

Love2shop (or similar) make money from the Retailers.

The Retailers make money from extra custom and companies get happy employees/customers who can spend a windfall in any National Store that accepts Love2Shop vouchers.

So how does this fit in with Cashback World?

This is how I believe Cashback World works:

Cashback World are members of Love2Shop and are bulk buying discounted Love2shop giftcards with the Cashback World symbol printed on them. I also believe that Cashback World are doing the same thing with other Retailer Giftcards, as this helpful Cashback World promoter was eager to tell me:

', Tesco not accepting the cashback world card.

It accepts the Tesco gift card which you only able to receive from cashback world.

Boots yes! If you have your new cashback world card with love2shop shop then yes!!!! You go there you give your cashback world card which you need to top up with money before you would like to pay.

It’s like a prepaid card!..'

So what all this means is that Cashback World are bulk buying various giftcards at reduced prices, and then re-selling them back to their members at full price.

Cashback World then give back a percentage of that payment as 'Cashback' and keep the rest.

This gentleman has brought a £50 Tesco giftcard and received back £1.50 in cashback (and 55 shopping points which I'll come back to later) which gives him a total of 3.0% cashback.

'...£50 is the amount I spent on Tesco gift card! Because Tesco is working with us but only with gift card! £1 is the cashback I got back, 0,55 is the shopping point! 0,50 when I redeem discount voucher!!!

So he has unwittingly described how the whole system works:

He buys a £50 giftcard from Cashback World at full price.

He gets an immediate cashback of £1 and an additional 50p when he spends the gift card - an incentive to make him spend MORE to top up his card - thus earning Cashback World more money.

Now you may very well be thinking what is 'Cashback World' doing wrong?

It's giving it's members free money isn't it?

The answer, in theory, is 'yes'.

But in practice, a very different story emerges.

For a start, Cashback World is breaking the terms and conditions of Love2shop by reselling it's vouchers:


The Love2shop Gift Code must not be sold by the Purchaser or by You, or by any other holder of the Love2shop Gift Code from time to time, but it may be gifted by You to any person to use to pay for Goods. If you gift a Love2shop Gift Code to another person You will be responsible for all use of the Love2shop Gift Code and You must ensure that such person understands and complies with the obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions, particularly those relating to the security and use of the Love2shop Gift Code.

And it's also lying about the National Retailers that it claims are Merchants for the sole purpose of hooking in 'SME's' - Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

There are three categories listed:

1/ Small and Medium sized enterprises

2/ Online shops

3/ Big business and strong brands

The majority of big brand online shops listed on the Cashback World website display a link that goes directly to the (retail) companies website. It has no purpose whatsoever other than to make you think the Retailer listed is a member of Cashback World - but the majority aren't.

And that goes for big business and strong brands as well. The majority of big brand retailers

are NOT merchants of Cashback World as claimed and do not accept the cashback world card (unless it has Love2Shop on it) and do not give shopping points.

Which brings me to the Small and Medium sized enterprises - the SME's.

It's these small businesses that pay to join Cashback World on one of these packages:

Light: £400

Basic: £720

Professional £1040...'

So the SME's are effectively paying for all of the giftcards that members can use at National stores - taking business AWAY from them, not the other way round.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lyoness Cashback World Rewards Program.

Reason of review: scam.

Preferred solution: They need to be closed down..

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In Australia Lyoness lied about Woolworths being the first Loyalty partner at the launch of Lyoness in Sydney, after speaking with Woolworths management I was told that Lyoness is a scam using Woolworths trade marks to promote the scam without consent. Numerous other Australian Retailers have also been used in the promotion of the scam. Lyoness has been proven to be a pyramid scheme in some courts and has been banned in Norway!


Lyoness is an outraged pyramid scheme According to the final ruling of the Commercial Court of Vienna, Lyoness' business model is a banal SNOWBALL SYSTEM. Lodge your claim for a refund at: (Open in Chrome to translate to English)


Have you lost money in Lyoness? A firm of lawyers in Germany are starting a class action suit against them and have 1000 people signed up already. More information at:


LYONESS/ myWORLD PYRAMID Scheme absolutely torn apart in front of investors. Take a look at this recent (short) video on YouTube.


Lyoness launches its latest global MLM PONZI Scheme into Cryptocurrency. Official Lyconet marketing material suggests Lyoness intends to generate eCredits and integrate them into the company’s e-commerce platform.

Lyoness is marketing eCredit investment on a 10,000% ROI within four years through its Lyconet MLM Marketers so be CAREFUL!

They want your money at any cost!


Wake Up World! We’ve all been SCAMMED! ITALY Voucher PONZI suspended after large number of member complaints to regulators (AGCM)


If you have Booked Units in your Personal Accounting Programs, get a Lyconet Marketer to explain to you how you can get your AC1 to AC 5 Units to mature and get paid. Best of luck! You will very quickly realise that you have been SCAMMED.

to Anonymous #1559864

My Lyconet Marketer sponsor is no longer active and doesn’t want to know me. Sydney office staff and MD Jef Rowlison just keep dismissing me and won’t answer my questions. I think I have been SCAMMED.

to David #1577953

Yep. You’ve been scammed like me and thousands of other idiots. Contact the regulators and tell them your horror story.

to David #1580248

Lodge your complaint with the regulators (ACCC) at:


BIG SCAM! More evidence of Cashback World (owned by Lyoness) misleading and deceptive conduct:


Wow an excellent review... well done.

If you live in Australia it's now time to complain to the ACCC. Here is the direct link, if they get enough complaints they will have to relook at the case. Please make sure you are factual, and focus on the unit ponzi side of the scam.

The last case was focused on the shopping hence why Lyoness now known as Cashback World won the case.


What a bunch of GRUBS!


The entire Lyoness / Cashback World system is a scam, these ponzi pushing criminals behind this scam will take your money and not deliver on any of the promises made to you when you join.

to Anonymous #1532324

I agree, I have recently contacted the Lyoness office in Sydney Australia to ask for a refund as Lyoness has failed to deliver on their promises only to be told not to call the office again. The ACCC are fully aware of the disgusting conduct of the Lyoness fraudsters and should be taking action to shut the scheme down to avoid more people losing their money.


BE CAREFULLyconet Marketers and Merchant Marketers in Australia are using the ACCC Case decision of 2014, as a smoke screen to recruit new unsuspecting merchants and investors into its now legally proven global Pyramid Scheme of May, 2018.SME Merchants are leaving everyday as they no longer want to be associated with a global PYRAMID Scheme and SCAM.Make sure you do your own due diligence on both the company and the MLM Marketers.

to Anonymous #1512728

Which legally proven case are you referring to? Norway?

I would love some info about Australia if you can supply it. Thanks.

to UnluckyButterfly #1518023

This is a legally proven global PYRAMID Scheme, which includes Australia and every other country in the world.

to UnluckyButterfly #1524791

One thing that is totally proven is that Lyoness steals money from businesses and consumers and that Hubert Freidl is a crook!

to Anonymous #1524793

Like Adolf Hitler, Hubert Freidl thought he had the whole MLM world in his hand and just like Hitler the whole world is chasing him for revenge!

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